Dark Matter, Late Light: String Quartet no. 6

Lawrence Kramer

About this work:

      Dark Matter - Late Light for String Quartet (String Quartet no. 6)  
was composed in 2011. The first half of the title refers to the mysterious
substance now known to compose most of the universe; the matter is
"dark" not only because it does not appear in the visible spectrum but
because we know next to nothing about it.  This sense of an enigma at
the bottom of things also gives a second sense to the half-title; in an older
English usage, "dark  matter" would refer to an enigmatic discourse, most
often an allegory.  Both senses apply to the vigorous but troubled first
movement, which inhabits the sphere of enigma without trying to solve
its riddles (at least not all of them).  The second movement initially may
seem the exact opposite of the first.  Its figurative light, in the form of a
transparent and melodious texture, is perfectly clear, however belated.  
But the impression proves to be not--not quite--true (though, enigmatically
enough I suppose, not quite false either)

Year composed: 2011
Duration: 15:00:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:String Quartet

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