Where angels may lie down among us : a chamber symphony

Joelle Wallach

About this work:

Where Angels May Lie Down Among Us, A Chamber Symphony, reflects the way luminous or  miraculous occurrences or people are often hide among the ordinary: a melody will interrupted by a sublimely tender one;  one which at first seems rude, ugly or frightening will transform into beauty when heard again, played just a little differently.  The rough sounding theme interrupting the quiet beginning becomes the surpassingly delicate one at the end, the way someone we might find abrasive or even offensive can become beautiful to us through familiarity. 

Where Angels May Lie Down Among Us the sublime can be interleaved among the ordinary, here, lifted by the orchestra from the mundane world into music's miraculous realm of transcendence and peace.

Version: ch orch: 1*1*11 1110 timp, perc pno
Year composed: 1992
Duration: 00:12:30
Ensemble type: Orchestra:Chamber Orchestra
Instrumentation: 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 1 Horn in F, 1 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 1 Timpani, 1 Percussion (General), 1 Piano, 1 Strings (General)
Instrumentation notes: ch orch: 1*1*11 1110 timp, perc pno str (orig for ch orch: 1*1*1*1* 2110 timp, perc(2) hrp pno str)

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